Blackjack Books You Should Read

The key to winning in Blackjack is understanding the game completely. If you think the basic Blackjack strategy matrix can help you win more rounds already, wait till you read some of the best books about Blackjack. You can find a lot of valuable playing tips in several books discussing Blackjack and Blackjack strategies easily.

The Blackjack Zone by Eliot Jacobson is probably the best book to help you get started in no time at all. The book generally discuss about several known Blackjack strategies, from basic matrix to advance card counting methods, and help you sort out which of these strategies work best for you. After reading this book, expect a lot of improvements in your Blackjack playing skills.

Twenty-first Century Blackjack by Walter Thomason offers a nice alternative to available Blackjack card counting methods. If you are not into advanced mathematics and you want to find a simpler way to reduce the house advantage greatly, this is the book you should be reading. It basically talks about basic betting system — including the positive progression system — that works best with the game of Blackjack.

If you don’t want to get too serious with the attempt to improve your profitability at Blackjack tables, read Blackjack: Take the Money and Run by Henry Tamburin instead. The book can take you through some simple methods to improve profitability without confusing you with rocket-science theories; you can find some playing strategies for the beginner, intermediate and advanced player in this book.