Why Blackjack?

A friend of mine just asked me why I love to play Blackjack so much. I just came back from a nice — and profitable — casino vacation with him a couple of days ago and he was wondering the whole time about why I love to spend hours at Blackjack tables. I do play Texas Hold’em Poker and Roulette for different reasons, but Blackjack is definitely my personal favorite when it comes to casino games.

The reason why I love Blackjack so much is actually very simple: Blackjack is a very beatable game that is easy to learn and master and can be very profitable at the same time. You wouldn’t find any better casino game than this when it comes to house advantage and profitability. A lot of avid casino players even stated that Blackjack will never be accepted by casinos — for the low and arguably reducible house advantage — if it were introduced recently. The only thing that makes Blackjack available at your favorite casinos is the fact that the game is among the most popular and it dated back to hundreds of years ago.

Even when you don’t have prior experiences of how to play Blackjack online, you can master some basic strategies and be moderately profitable at Blackjack tables. The Blackjack matrix, the most basic strategy in the game of Blackjack, is actually very easy to understand and can help you win a lot of rounds. Couple that with a solid bankroll management strategy and you will be profitable for sure.